Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bridal Shower: Animal print and bling

Yesterday was full of fun and so were the weeks leading up to the big bridal shower. With a very fun and eccentric bride we needed to make sure we did something extra special that worked with her personality. We started with identifying a couple things she loves: animal prints, bling, cherries and lots of friends. With those things in mind we created an inspiration sheet to guide us.

Making an inspiration sheet: When making an inspiration sheet try and cover ideas from all major areas of the party. Colors, decor, food, dessert, favors, flowers, balloons, and quirky things that may fit with your theme. Once complete make sure that everyone helping with the party has one and is on the same page.

Working with a group: Split up the tasks! Don't try and have input from everyone on each detail. Best way to split up is three groups: food, decor, and entertainment.

After a couple of emails and one fun lunch date everyone was on the same page and comfortable with their assignments so we started moving forward.  We met the day before the shower for set-up and food prep. It took seven hours, including a couple food and drink breaks, but it was all worth it.

Mantel and seating area decor.

Buffet table decor.
All the details coming soon...


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  1. Hey!! This animal printed bridal shower is really awesome. They are looking really unique. Planning to try this same theme for my sister’s bridal shower at one of wedding venues NYC. She will definitely love this décor.