Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bridal Shower: Animal print and bling


Hanging lanterns
Paper lanterns are a great way to incorporate any theme because they come in a variety of prints and colors and can easily be hung from a ceiling because of their light weight. If you have the opportunity to hang lanterns indoors from can lights it is a great alternative to making holes in your ceiling.

To make: We bought a spool of pearls and attached one end to the lantern and the other end to a large paperclip, securing with some thin silk ribbon. The paper clip is then tucked into the lip of the can light to hang. If you are looking for a little something extra you can easily attach things to the bottom of the lantern - in this case we used mirror balls but anything would work.

Paper lantern and mirror ball hanging decor.
Using personal photos
It's always fun to add a personal touch at a shower with pictures of the couple. In this case Linsey and Craig had done a lot of traveling together so we showcased all their wonderful adventures.

To make: I printed these pictures in black and white and on matte paper - I think it looks a little nicer than gloss. Simply attach the photos to paper that matches the theme. Purchase clothes pins and spray paint them in a coordinating color. Attach pictures to garland or ribbon and hang.

Statement with fabric
It is often hard, especially when decorating a large space, to figure out how to fully incorporate a theme. Fabric is great for this because you can get a lot of it for a little money - if you aren't picky and buy from the clearance area. Besides framing an area like pictured below you could also use fabric on your table or draped around doors to create an entrance.

To make: Measure fabric to length needed. Tie a knot in very center and attach to large nail. Drape fabric evenly on both sides and tie a ribbon around the fabric to mark the spot. Hang ribbon from nail on each side to drape.

Draped print fabric.

Flowers are a great way to add small punches of color. By placing coordinating flower arrangements around a room you can do a lot to tie in different areas with out having to decorate everything.

To make: We used solid red vases. We found animal print sheets of duct tape but you could also use ribbon and attached it in various sized stripes to make the vases coordinate with the theme. For ease, use multiple types of flowers in the same color. Trim flowers longer for the outer layer and shorter as you work your way to the center in order to create a round shape.

Party favors
Nothing extravagant is ever needed but you should have something fun for guests to snack on when they leave. In this case we found animal print wrapped mints and filled small black pillow boxes. Chocolate kisses also work well as fillers.

To make: The label is printed on round white labels available at any craft or office supply store. We made the O in LOVE out of some fun ring stickers. Once the labels were printed and the sticker added, we stuck each label to a flattened mini cupcake liner. The entire thing was then stuck to the black pillow box with a small piece of double-sided foam tape.

Pillow box favors.
Pennant banner
Banners are a great way to make a statement, literally. For this shower our caption was "Happy Wife, Happy Life" which was also printed on the invitations.

To make: Detailed instructions coming soon in later post.

Happy Wife, Happy Life banner.
The bridal veil
To make: For this veil we took a store bought one and made some additions. Fabric was attached to the back layer, sequins were sewn around both layers of trim, and the top layer was completely blinged out. Instead of leaving the veil on a comb we hot glued it to a thick fabric head band for comfort. The center area of the headband was then also blinged!

Bride with zebra veil.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Simple Solutions: Cupcake decorations

For some people fondant and icing designs just aren't their thing - I'm that person! So, when it comes to cupcakes you have to make the things you can do work for you. Here are two simple solutions I've used recently.

The Sucker Stick Method
Shopping list: Adhesive felt, sucker sticks and thin colorful ribbon.

To make: Cut felt into any shape you would like. Make sure you have two matching pieces for each stick -one for the front and one for the back. Attach the stick to one of your cut-outs then place the other cut-out directly on top. Tie bows with thin ribbon and hot glue them to each side. You could use paper, bling, stickers or anything else to make a design that fits your party.

Super Simple Fondant Shapes
Shopping list: Cookie cutter, fondant rolling pin, "rolled" fondant, and icing sheets.
I found my icing sheets online at Treasured Birthday.

To make: You should make these 3-5 days in advance so they can set. Follow directions on fondant box to knead and roll. Roll fondant to 1/4 an inch think and the exact width and length of your icing sheet. Once rolled wet the fondant with a damp cloth and adhere the icing sheet. Make sure the icing sheet is secure. Use a cookie cutter to make any shape you would like.


Bridal Shower: Animal print and bling

Yesterday was full of fun and so were the weeks leading up to the big bridal shower. With a very fun and eccentric bride we needed to make sure we did something extra special that worked with her personality. We started with identifying a couple things she loves: animal prints, bling, cherries and lots of friends. With those things in mind we created an inspiration sheet to guide us.

Making an inspiration sheet: When making an inspiration sheet try and cover ideas from all major areas of the party. Colors, decor, food, dessert, favors, flowers, balloons, and quirky things that may fit with your theme. Once complete make sure that everyone helping with the party has one and is on the same page.

Working with a group: Split up the tasks! Don't try and have input from everyone on each detail. Best way to split up is three groups: food, decor, and entertainment.

After a couple of emails and one fun lunch date everyone was on the same page and comfortable with their assignments so we started moving forward.  We met the day before the shower for set-up and food prep. It took seven hours, including a couple food and drink breaks, but it was all worth it.

Mantel and seating area decor.

Buffet table decor.
All the details coming soon...